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What is DNA Epigenetic test?


  • It is a health screening technology imported from Germany 

  • By picking up the DNA information from our hair, it is able to analyze and predict our disease risk by various personal and environmental factors

  • This test will not change our genes but it changes the ways our genes work

  • Overall, this test helps us to predict and prevent disease


What you can know about DNA?


  • According to the test results, a 90-days personal health optimization plan will be created to correct the imbalance of the body system

  • This report will show the factors including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, toxins, microorganisms, electromagnetic field and food additives 

  • This test is suitable for anyone, from children to the elderly, regardless of whether or not having any disease


Encouraged to perform as soon as possible to achieve disease prevention


Why is it using hair root bulb for analysis?


Fresh hair root cells carry personal sine wave information that reveal physical need or actual deficiency. It encompasses the environmental information from the dynamic wave emission intensities of a body with 7 Octillion atoms, billions of cells and thousands of cellular interactions, every second, in each cell.

It is of particular interest for those who are keen on a preventative, ongoing, anti-aging nutritional strategy. This type of information is most readily gathered and it allows us to understand the interactions of impacts from the whole environmental picture.


How is it being performed?


Four strands of hair and their roots are tested within minutes of being plucked from the client. The hair and their roots should be plucked from the nape of the neck.


Why are the measures different from physical blood analysis?


Signature waves are not a physical measure but a carrier of information that displays a different picture of what may need addressing. By knowing this, it allows people to consider pre-emptive measures against premature ageing, correct potential cell weaknesses and other issues associated with a poor nutritional environment.


What will the report usually reveal?


Each statement is a record of the personal environmental influences which could be impacting a person as seen through the information from their sine wave signature emissions at the time the hair was scanned. It covers the following categories and items.


  • Vitamins (16 most common)

  • Minerals (16 most common)

  • Essential Fatty Acids (3 types)

  • Antioxidant (13 groups)

  • Amino Acids (23 types)

  • Toxins – Chemicals, Radiation, Toxic Metals

  • Microbiology – Bacteria, Fungus, Moulds / Spores, Parasites, Virus

  • EMF & ELF (14 major categories)

  • Foods and food additives – those foods and additives to avoid

Why is it important to follow a 90-Day health transformation program?


The physical impact of the changes made to diet and nutrition will usually take time to evolve. The body has to produce proteins that are important for cell regeneration, tissues repair and systems recovery, which finally have a physical effect on the entire body. The optimum time for these metabolic processes is 90-days, which is why we suggest this protocol.  Our health professionals will create an optimum nutritional plan for each person in order to correct the body system imbalances and cell weaknesses.

When especially will a person need this DNA epigenetic test?


When conventional treatments are not working or other pathologies do not seem to fit with the symptoms or history of the person, you may find a wider scope of information helpful. The body may be concealing toxins or microbiological impacts; giving false-negative blood readings or just not responding. All of these could be useful opportunities to assess the information environment for signs of weakness or imbalance.


What is the difference of clinical blood test vs DNA epigenetic test using hair root cells?


Clinical blood test is quantitative analysis and is based on a straight comparison between the sample taken and the standards set by the

world health organization (WHO) whereas DNA epigenetic test is qualitative test that uses the hair to describe the course the body has been taken over the last 3 months and it gives an indication of where the body is heading towards to. In other words, it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool but as a preventative tool, by changing the course the body.



What does the highlighted food intolerance indicate?


The highlighted food intolerances are in addition to the known food allergies. The allergies are not listed but the intolerances are. When we are awake and well, our metabolism is in ‘fight’ mode. The foods we eat, that we are intolerant too, during this time hardly affects us. However, when revert to our resting position, our metabolism changes to a recovery mode. It is then, in our recovery mode, that our food intolerances cause our systems to work harder. The result is: poor sleep patterns and reduced nutritional up take; among many other known factors.


The first rule of action is to avoid the foods which are indicated in the report that we are intolerant too. Please avoid the indicated foods for the next 90 days. As our bodies adjust to the new wellness regime, so too will our intolerances change.